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The Unloaded anthology is a collection of stories by crime writers featuring no guns. None guns. Maximum minimum guns. You can get none fewer guns in the stories featured in this anthology.

In and of itself, as a writer, ‘produce a compelling crime short without any guns’ is a brilliant challenge. How do you threaten somebody without a gun? How do you kill them? Yes, all sorts of different ways and methods come to mind but none are quite as easy, quite as, well, lazy yet effective, as just handling it with a gun. To ask a collection of crime writers like this to forgo the go-to problem solver in their fiction is a beautiful thing.

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Summary: When we return to Boo and Junior after Hard Bounce, they’re right back where we first met them–knocking heads and taking their own licks at the bar, as well as more snapshots into early life for the crew at St. Gabe’s.

There’s a scuffle over a gay couple making out at the bar, oblivious to the hostile reception of the crowd around them, their removal and ensuing beating.  There’s the man Boo finds beating a sprawled Junior in the ice and snow.

Then, there’s Boo following the lead singer of the booked band to a lounge called the Raja in an attempt to prevent him from getting too fucked up to finish the show. There Boo not only spots the woman he pines for on the arm of a British club owner and narcotics peddler named Ian Summerfield, but also alone and afoul of a rival security company. As a result of Boo breaking the boss of said security company boss’s nose, Boo and Junior know their company, 4DC, is in for a rumble. 

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