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The Unloaded anthology is a collection of stories by crime writers featuring no guns. None guns. Maximum minimum guns. You can get none fewer guns in the stories featured in this anthology.

In and of itself, as a writer, ‘produce a compelling crime short without any guns’ is a brilliant challenge. How do you threaten somebody without a gun? How do you kill them? Yes, all sorts of different ways and methods come to mind but none are quite as easy, quite as, well, lazy yet effective, as just handling it with a gun. To ask a collection of crime writers like this to forgo the go-to problem solver in their fiction is a beautiful thing.

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Welcome to my new review site! I’ve been intending to start one for a while, and I’m glad I could finally make it happen.

I have many names throughout the internet, but I usually go by Govneh, and secondly The Russian. My real name is Kristin and I’m a woman of many hats in northern California. I have a toddler and husband, three dogs, and we run a business out of our home. So for some ridiculous reason, I feel like I need to spend time reviewing books I read as well.

So. Tree is a Tree. I understand the name is a little out of left field but I can explain in short order. I had the fortune of having a series of fantastic English and literature teachers throughout my school career. I was exposed to a wealth of books, poetry, and storytelling in all forms, not to mention having a parent who read both to us and for their own pleasure at every available moment. To sum up: I love books.

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