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We meet up with Ash McKenna once more, this time as he’s filing to get his passport. It doesn’t take long to get caught up  on how he’s doing after the events in Portland: He’s living in a hippy commune in the Georgia woods, he intends to leave the country entirely and fly to Prague, and he’s dealing with what happened in Portland by drinking as much cheap whiskey as it takes to not be swallowed by his memories and fears. Also, that he has next to nothing. 

The commune, South Village, is owned and operated by a friend of Ash’s, Tibo, whom we met first in New Yorked. We learn that Tibo offered to make Ash head of security but haunted as he was by his past, Ash turned it down to instead work in the kitchen alongside a man names Aesop. Ash’s goal is to keep his head down, work, and stay drunk enough to get by until his passport comes in. 

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