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Short Summary: Miriam Black is back and set to see once and for all who’s the bitch-her or fate. Busy yet again ruining anything good in her life, she gets offered a hefty chunk of change to tell one man in the Florida Keys how he dies. It’s a questionable situation from the get-go but a few thousand dollars is a few thousand dollars. What Miriam sees waiting in store for the man, however, is enough to freak even her out and send her running; it’s not too often a stranger’s death holds a message just for her. Once more, inexplicably, the fates of others are intertwined in hers, in ways Miriam must unravel before it’s too late-too late for strangers, and too late for loved ones. But with higher powers guiding every move of her enemy, keeping them one, two, three steps ahead of Miriam, does she even stand a chance of stilling the hand of fate before it strikes what may be its cruelest blow yet?

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